Award with LEIT-2ET System productsDIG Corporation’s LEIT-2ET weather based solar powered wireless irrigation system was named by the Irrigation Association as the new product winner for the Turf/Landscape division at the Irrigation Show in San Antonio.

The LEIT-2ET System was chosen as the winner of the New Product Contest by a panel of judges made up of irrigation professionals from around the United States. The Irrigation Association award honors irrigation products that foster new concepts and innovative technologies that improve and conserve future irrigation water usage around the world.

DIG Corporation’s LEIT-2ET weather based system is a new state-of-the-art, ambient light (solar) powered, wireless irrigation control system that adjusts daily irrigation programs according to site and real time weather information provided locally by the systems wireless weather stations. The LEIT-2ET system is programmed to monitor, control and adjust irrigation schedules for each zone through the weather information received from the solar powered, wireless weather stations along with programmed site information received from the LEIT RC2ET handset. The system operates by using ambient light (solar) power that charges lead-free super capacitors. Requiring no batteries, the LEIT-2ET system eliminates the need for any power or field wires making it one of the most environmentally friendly controllers on the market.


Award with LEIT-2ET System products along with (from left to right) Rick Heenan – National Commercial Sales Manager, David Levy – President, Michael LoVullo – Vice President, DIG Corporation.For more information, visit