2019 New Product Contest winners revealed at Irrigation Show

The Irrigation Association announced the winners of the 2019 New Product Contest at the Irrigation Show and Education Week in Las Vegas Dec. 2-6, 2019.

Fifty-six new products and technologies were entered in five categories. Products were evaluated based on innovation, design quality, increased water/resource-use efficiency, ease of use and product life expectancy. Contest judges were experienced professionals with technical knowledge and industry expertise. The winners were announced Thursday, Dec. 5, during the IA general session.

The winner of the landscape irrigation category is Klift-It by KJ Ketterling Enterprises LLC. Klift-It extends the height of a rotor sprinkler to operate correctly above the vegetation with little or no digging. Components are added to extend the body and stem to raise sunken sprinklers for improved performance.


The winner of the landscape specialty category is the Drill Pump by Action Machining Inc. The Drill Pump connects to a cordless drill and can quickly evacuate up to 35 gallons of water per minute. There is no other similar pump on the market that can handle the dirty water encountered by installation and maintenance crews.


The winner of the landscape lighting category is the Lighting Design Module of Irrigation F/X 16.0 by Land F/X. Lighting design is a demanding engineering task that is both time-consuming and error prone. The new Lighting Design Module from Land F/X allows the user to focus on design and selection of products, while reducing errors.



The winner of the agriculture irrigation category is the CPH Sand and Silt Separator by Epiphene. The CPH Separator offers unparalleled removal of sand, silt and other solids in irrigation water. While operating on very low pressures, it allows for low energy use and flexibility in design for wells or other water sources.


The winner of the agriculture specialty category is Valley Scheduling by Valley Irrigation. This advanced farm management software provides irrigation recommendations to growers based on real data from the field and scientific calculations. Valley Scheduling works for any type and brand of irrigation system and can be adapted for use with nearly all agricultural crops.