2023 Hearts of Stihl grant recipients announced

Stihl Inc. announced the winners of the 2023 Hearts of Stihl program, an initiative to care for the environment through the preservation of America’s state parks. The 2023 winners, representing the nation’s six state park regions, were each awarded a $20,000 grant to help fund sustainability, recovery, conservation or environmental education programs.

The grants are managed by the America’s State Parks Foundation, ensuring that all funding will support environmental efforts and educational programming. More than 32 parks applied for the 2023 grant.

“The Hearts of Stihl program is an extension of our commitment to socially responsible environmental stewardship,” said Roger Phelps, Stihl Inc. corporate communications manager. “We’re honored to support America’s State Parks and work with the men and women of this year’s park awardees, as they care for these American treasures.”

Here are the recipients by region and key areas of activity for their projects:

  • Northeast – Delaware Seashore State Park – Delaware
    • Shoreline and management program for nature preserve and historic cultural site
  • Southeast – Tishomingo State Park – Mississippi
    • Renovation and enhancement of nature education center; trail maintenance and forestry management
  • Central – Prairie State Park – Missouri
    • Invasive tree species removal and native tree planting program
  • North Central – Twin Falls Resort State Park – West Virginia
    • Expansion of conservation education program; establishment of wildlife habitat fishing pond
  • Northwest – McCroskey State Park – Idaho
    • Planting of 20,000 trees on 60 acres of forest; re-seeding of six acres of native Palouse prairie habitat
  • Southwest – Ridgway State Park – Colorado
    • Park modifications and improvements to become International Darks Sky Place (IDSP) certified; purchase of telescope public IDSP programs

“While the Hearts of Stihl Program directly impacts the scenic appearance and sustainability of America’s State Parks through its commitment to environmental stewardship, conservation, and community engagement, its greater benefit lies in the conservation of our natural treasures for generations to come,” said Lewis Ledford, executive director at the National Association of State Park Directors. “The Hearts of Stihl Program aids the efforts to ensure that these precious landscapes continue to be a source of inspiration, education, and outdoor recreation for all.”

Visit www.stihlusa.com/community/hearts-of-stihl/ to learn more.