The newest addition to the MP Rotator family, the MP3500, is now available. The MP3500 provides coverage from 31-35 feet, which allows for specification in mid-range applications. While this is the longest MP Rotator to date, it still maintains the efficiency-focused features of the MP Rotator line, such as matched precipitation, wind resistant streams, robust design, and the highest level of uniformity on the market.

“Our customers were asking for a longer-range solution with the same great features as our current MP models, and we delivered,” said Matt Lashinsky, product manager at Hunter Industries. “We expect this product to be well received within the market as there is no high efficiency nozzle that delivers the same level of performance as the MP Rotator.”

Due to the product’s uniqueness in its category, Hunter expects the MP3500 to be the go-to solution for professionals looking for mid-range multi-stream coverage.

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