Arborjet announced that ACE-jet, a highly effective injectable insecticide, is now available in 32 states. It was just approved for use in California.

ACE-jet is a micro-injectable, broad spectrum “fast acting” insecticide used for the management of insects that ravage forests, trees, landscape ornamentals and interior plantscapes. It eliminates leaf-chewing insects including caterpillars, winter moth, gypsy moth, and webworm; piercing-sucking insects including whiteflies, adelgids, aphids, spider mites, scale, thrips and mealybugs; and mining insects such as leafminers, sawflies, and many others. Beneficial insects, including wasps, soldier beetles and assassin bugs are not affected by ACE-jet since it is injected directly into a tree’s trunk and only impacts insects that are feeding directly on the tree.

ACE-jet has a viscosity similar to water, so it is easily injected directly into a tree’s vascular system using Arborjet’s injection technology, which works for all tree types. Once ACE-jet is injected it is sealed inside the tree and it acts very quickly. It should be used when insects are present.

Since ACE-jet is injected directly into a tree’s vascular system, it is a more targeted approach than what is currently available on the market. In addition, it is one of the lowest-cost treatment solutions available that combats insects attacking tree and landscape ornamentals. ACE-jet comes in a soluble granular form to maintain maximum potency until it is ready to be mixed with water and used.

Pricing: 20-Pack Box, 15 grams per pack costs $235.00. 15-gram Single Packet costs $15.99. One 15-gram packet of ACE-jet treats 1 tree (10″ DBH).


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