As any landscape professional already knows, installing trees and vegetation on a berm between roadway traffic and residences may be aesthetically pleasing, but these elements are not effective noise control barriers. Acoustiblok Inc., a world leader in noise abatement for both inside and outside installations, has announced the release of Acoustifence, a revolutionary new defense against outdoor noise pollution.

The fact is, foliage or trees on earth berms can actually increase noise. Since sound is dispersed in much the same way as light, it will penetrate and reflect off the foliage in all directions, including that side of the berm that is meant to be peaceful and quiet. Although the higher the berm, the better the sound deflection, it is far more affordable and more practical to increase the berm height by installing Acoustifence than it is to add fill to the berm.

Adding just a six-foot high Acoustifence to the berm not only drastically increases the berm’s blocking protection, it eliminates the real problem of the sound reflecting off the foliage and into those outdoor spaces that are meant to be serene. Being limp and heavy as a sheet of soft lead, Acoustifence also produces far less noise reflection than solid barriers.

The all-weather Acoustifence can be hung from any substantial structure, such as a chain link or wood fence, or from a pipe frame structure. 

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