Agrium Advanced Technologies is partnering with the High Plains Environmental Center (HPEC) and the City of Loveland to celebrate Earth Day 2011 by improving green spaces and bolstering environmental stewardship and sustainability in Northern Colorado. Agrium Advanced Technologies is also celebrating Earth Day in conjunction with The Professional Landcare Network’s (PLANET) nationwide Day of Service, which encourages and promotes volunteer projects in the lawn and landscape industry in communities across the country.

“At Agrium Advanced Technologies, it’s important for both our employees and our organization as a whole to engage in initiatives that support, sustain and protect the environment,” said Andrew Mittag, President, Agrium Advanced Technologies. “Participating in activities on Earth Day and PLANET Day of Service is just one way we can show our support while helping improve green spaces in our own backyard.”

Agrium Advanced Technologies will provide employee volunteers to help HPEC plant 225 one-gallon container plants in the Plant Select Demonstration Garden at HPEC, then run drip irrigation and mulch the plants with pea stone.

“Agrium Advanced Technologies’ support of HPEC’s Earth Day and PLANET Day of Service activities will help make our Plant Select Demonstration Garden a success,” said Jim Tolstrup, Executive Director, HPEC. “Like HPEC, Agrium Advanced Technologies is committed to protecting and preserving natural areas and promoting stewardship of our natural environment. We are excited to work with Agrium Advanced Technologies again this year on Earth Day and this PLANET Day of Service project.”

Agrium Advanced Technologies also donated a supply of 750 pounds of Spread it & Forget it™ DRIVEN BY DURATION CR® product to the City of Loveland for its PLANET Day of Service project at Sculpture Park. Spread it & Forget it is a controlled-release fertilizer that feeds lawns and turf for six months or more with just one application, using up to 40 percent less nitrogen than ordinary fertilizers while minimizing potential nutrient losses to the environment, atmosphere and groundwater.

“Agrium Advanced Technologies is committed to manufacturing products that not only promote healthy plant growth but are also environmentally responsible. Donating our staffs’ time and products like Spread it & Forget it to Earth Day and PLANET Day of Service projects is just one way we’re able to give back to our Northern Colorado community and make a difference,” said Mittag. “Agrium Advanced Technologies is committed to supporting organizations like PLANET, HPEC and the City of Loveland that share our passion for restoration.”

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