Agrium Advanced Technologies announced the expansion of its suite of web-based technology solutions for agriculture, golf, horticulture and lawn care professionals with the launch of three new websites –, and the golf-specific – in addition to the brand new Spread it & Forget it iPhone® app and the Nutri-Graph Blend Calculator. These new technology tools join Agrium Advanced Technologies’ very popular and successful POLYGRAPH® POLYON® Performance Predictor, and are each specifically designed to make purchasing decisions easier for green industry professionals.

“As the global leader in enhanced-efficiency fertilizers, Agrium Advanced Technologies is very excited to debut these web-based technology solutions to help our customers,” said Andrew Mittag, President, Agrium Advanced Technologies. “Our new web-based resources were designed specifically with our customers in mind – we’re continually looking for new ways to provide the information they need to make purchasing decisions easier.”

The new 2011 Agrium Advanced Technologies web-based tools include:

Re-designed Corporate Website
Spread it & Forget itiPhone®app
Spread it & Forget itWebsite, customized for the golf market
POLYON®Think Green Website
Nutri-Graph Blend Calculator

Industry research shows that customers across each of the agricultural, horticultural, lawn care and golf markets continue to embrace new technology trends, and the evolution of these tools is part of Agrium Advanced Technologies’ commitment to customer service, providing product information and purchasing data across a variety of platforms.

“Each of these tools is customizable, and is another way to reach out to our customers when they’re looking for more information about our industry-leading products,” said Mittag.

Agrium Advanced Technologies’ new web-based technology tools join the POLYGRAPH POLYON® Performance Predictor, designed specifically for golf course superintendents. The POLYGRAPH program uses custom software to take actual temperature and rainfall data from a specific area to design a fertilizer program to meet each superintendent’s exact needs, while providing guidelines for optimal nutrient release and uptake efficiency for their course.

For more information on Agrium Advanced Technologies’ new web-based technology solutions, please call 888.757.0072 or visit Further information about each individual web-based technology, including screenshots, is available in the attached backgrounder.

About Agrium Advanced Technologies

Agrium Advanced Technologies is a strategic business unit of Agrium Inc., a major retail supplier of agricultural products and services in both North and South America and a leading global producer and marketer of agricultural nutrients and industrial products. Agrium Advanced Technologies is the leading manufacturer and marketer of slow- and controlled-release fertilizers and micronutrients in the Agriculture, professional Turf and Ornamental, consumer lawn and garden, and specialty agriculture markets. Agrium Advanced Technologies’ brands include: ESN®, POLYON®, XCU®, NITROFORM®, NUTRALENE® and DURATION CR® slow- and controlled-release fertilizers, ULTRA YIELD® Micronutrients, AMP™ and PRECISE® controlled-release plant protection. These products utilize proprietary advanced generation technologies to control nutrient release for improved plant growth and environmental performance.