Air-Spade, a division of Guardair Corporation, announced the new Utility Air-Spade 4000 Series excavation tool. The new tool, designed with safety in mind, features Air-Spade’s patented supersonic nozzle which utilizes compressed-air to produce a high-speed laser like jet which moves at twice the speed of sound for rapid digging in the toughest of soils. The tool serves as a safe and non-damaging alternative to traditional digging methods that puncture sensitive underground cables and pipes in soil-excavation applications.

Additionally, the Utility Air-Spade 4000 Series’ high-voltage insulated barrel and non-sparking nozzle provides a high-level of protection when working around underground electric and gas lines. It also bodes an adjustable rubber spray shield to protect operator form flying debris.

Ideal for digging holes or shallow trenches for pipes or cables, the Utility Air-Spade 4000 Series serves utility locating and repair, keyholing, potholing, valve box cleaning, and cable trenching applications to name a few.

Additional product features include:

•           Ergonomic, aluminum handle with retractable stabilizer bar and integral air-pressure gauge

•           Insulated, 4 foot fiberglass barrel rated up to 300kV

•           Adjustable, rubber spray shield

•           Non-sparking brass, supersonic nozzle, 105 and 150 cfm sizes available

•           Accessories feature heavy duty, non-sparking brass, threaded connections

•           Extensions available in 2, 3, 4, and 5 foot lengths

•           Trigger guard prevents accidental actuation

•           Made in USA