The 2014 Altoz XC Z line of zero-turn mowers is comprised of high-performance commercial machines.

Altoz zero-turn mowers

The 2014 Altoz XC Z line of zero-turn mowers is comprised of high-performance commercial machines.

Providing the foundation of this state-of-the-art lineup is the Aero Deck High Output System. Quality-engineered performance features maximum airflow from its design and Gator Mulcher G6 blades.

The XC Z boasts a 19-mph top speed. It is complemented by a drive system and clutch that produces 250 ft-lbs of torque along with a heavy-duty deck, deck spindles, front forks, and fork castors, as well as tapered wheel bearings.

The XC Z line also features the SmarTrak Monitoring System that keeps the operator abreast and informed. With the SmarTrak built-in maintenance reminders, a digital rpm gauge, alarm protection, and an on-board clock, the XC Z line provides worry-free operation.

The TorqFlex Suspension provides the ultimate smooth ride. The Vibration Isolation System also assists operator comfort by isolating the rider from aggravating vibration to allow the operator to mow all day and limit fatigue. The Engine Isolation System ensures that the operator is comfortable in the most demanding conditions. The seat brings everything together with fully adjustable suspension, lumbar support, tilt adjustment, operator weight adjustment, and more.

“We built the Altoz XC Z lineup for professionals and discerning homeowners who demand the finest quality cut and appreciate a well-designed, quality-built mower,” said Dennis Brazier, Altoz chief executive officer. “We are committed to building a brand that is a game-changer within the industry. It’s reflected in our attention to detail, such as hiding control linkages inside the frame where they’re out of sight and shielded from debris, fingers, and feet. And it’s highlighted by the superior handling and operator comfort that produces a precision-grade cut.”

The XC 720 Z, XC 610 Z and XC 540 Z are the premium models in the Altoz lineup. The 2014 Altoz XC Z commercial line of zero-turn mowers are joined by the XC S, XP S, and XP Z line of Altoz mowers, and are manufactured in Greenbush, Minn. They will be available in select U.S. markets beginning in the fall 2013.