Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) and ASC-A300 have placed a call for public review on revision of two national tree care standards and the draft for a new national tree care standard. The public review started August 20, 2010 and will run through October 4, 2010. The review documents are posted here or follow these links:

A300 (Part 2)-201X Soil Management a. Modification, b. Fertilization, and c. Moisture: This is the fifth, and intended final, revision draft of ANSI A300 Part 2-(2004) Fertilization standard.  This revision addresses soil modification, soil organic matter content, mulch, soil compaction, soil pH adjustment, fertilization, and soil moisture management.
A300 (Part 5)-201X Management of trees and shrubs during site planning, site development, and construction: This is the first revision draft of ANSI A300 Part 5-(2005) Management standard.  This revision addresses planning for construction, tree resource evaluation, management during design, construction, landscape, and post-construction phases, and root management during construction.
A300 (Part 9)-201x Tree Risk Assessment a. Tree Structure Assessment: This is the second draft of an intended new standard. The new standard, if approved, will cover tree structure assessment and risk analysis and reporting.

ANSI A300 documents provide standard definitions and tree care management standards for all aspects of tree health management, including pruning, utility pruning, soil management and fertilization, tree support structures, lightning protection for trees, tree management and preservation, tree planting and transplanting, and integrated vegetation management for rights-of-way.


A300 standards are developed by the ANSI-accredited A300 committee and we urge all professionals, property managers, and homeowners to ask their tree care company, in writing, to follow ANSI A300 standards to help keep their trees healthy, safe, and free of pests and diseases.  

An ANSI member and ANSI-accredited standards developer, TCIA also serves as the secretariat for the ANSI A300 series of Standards for Tree Care Management Operations (ANSI A300 Parts 1 through 7). For additional information, contact Bob Rouse, ANSI A300 secretary and Vice President of Industry Standards & Credentialing at TCIA.