April is National Lawn Care Month

The month of April is designated as National Lawn Care Month and The Lawn Institute and the National Association of Landscape Professionals (formerly PLANET) want to heighten public awareness regarding the many environmental and health benefits of natural grass.

Knowing how important it is to promote lawn care and educate consumers a toolkit has been created which includes a logo, infographic, photos, a press release, facts and resources, and promotion suggestions that professionals can use in their own client materials. The National Association of Landscape Professionals also promotes National Lawn Care Month on its consumer website http://www.loveyourlandscape.com and in national consumer media outreach.

“We encourage the entire industry to come together to promote National Lawn Care Month,” said Sabeena Hickman, CAE, CMP, NALP CEO.  Melanie Stanton, Executive Director of TPI and The Lawn Institute shares those sentiments. “The National Association of Landscape Professionals has achieved a tremendous amount of awareness with this campaign for many years and anything we can do to better educate consumers and provide viable information to key decision-makers will benefit the communities in which we live and the world as a whole,” said Stanton.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with The National Association of Landscape Professionals to promote National Lawn Care Month in April and broadening the message, both nationally and internationally, of the many environmental and health benefits natural grass lawns have to offer,” added Stanton.

Visit http://www.landcarenetwork.org/PLANET/National-Lawn-Care-Month.aspx or: http://www.thelawninstitute.org/pages/april-isnational-lawn-care-month/ for free materials to promote National Lawn Care Month.

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