Aquascape AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit and Faux Log Fish Cave

Aquascape, Inc. announced the AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit and the Faux Log Fish Cave as two innovative additions to its product line for 2020.

The all-in-one, AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit makes it effortless to add the sights and sounds of a water garden to any space – indoors or outside. “Our latest mini water garden provides a built-in waterfall filter, rather than a bamboo fountain add-on,” said Dave Kelly, vice president of product development for Aquascape, Inc. “It creates more soothing sounds and acts as a biological filter to keep the water clean and clear.”

The Aquascape AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit includes:

  • Durable, lightweight injection-molded container
  • Integrated plant and waterfall filter
  • Low suction pump attachment
  • Integrated waterfall light
  • Plant growth media
  • Decorative Gravel

The AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit allows water garden enthusiasts to set up an aquatic paradise in any location. At 23.5 inches by 9.9 inch, the container can add the focal point of water to patios, offices, balconies, bedrooms, gardens and more. This simple aquaponics system is also ideal for housing small fish.

The Faux Log Fish Cave offers a heavy-duty, natural-looking shelter to protect pond fish from troublesome predators such as herons. “Too often, predator protection detracts from the appearance of a pond. The Faux Log Fish Cave extends safeguard to pond fish and functions as a decorative accent,” said Kelly. This product joins a family of decorative faux wood items, including the Faux Oak Stump Cover, Faux Driftwood 30 inch, and Faux Driftwood 35 inch.