Aquascape, Inc. announces new Automatic Dosing System for ornamental water features

Aquascape announced its new Automatic Dosing System for ponds fountains, and pondless or disappearing waterfalls. The system was designed to help water feature owners maintain optimal water quality by accurately and consistently applying their choice of water treatment.

“In order for water treatments to work correctly, they need to be added on a regular basis,” states Scott Rhodes, director of product marketing for Aquascape, Inc. “Our new Aquascape Automatic Dosing System is dependable, easy to use, and fully programmable.”

Four water treatment options are available for use with the Automatic Dosing System to maintain, clean, clear, and protect your water feature. The dosing system automatically adds your selected water treatment product to the pond or water feature several times per day, helping maintain optimum water quality and clarity.

Features of the Automatic Dosing System include:

  • Easily dial in the correct amount of treatment based on water feature size.
  • Simple adjustment for increasing/decreasing dosage.
  • X2 dosing selector for new ponds and spring start-up.
  • Indicator light signals when water treatment pouch needs replacing.