In an effort to unite water gardeners around the globe, Aquascape, Inc. launched a new social media water gardening site.

The Web site, is the industry’s version of Facebook or MySpace. Geared toward consumers and professionals alike, members of the site can post photos, videos, blog entries, message board comments and more.

Consumers looking for a water garden professional will be able to view photos of projects, project specifications and even pricing, before hiring an installer. Do-it-yourselfers will be able to get advice from other water gardeners and will be able to learn where to find product in their area. Installers and retailers will be able to assist water garden customers with water gardening questions and concerns.  

“We’re hoping to eliminate the confusion and ambiguity that exists around water features by showcasing beautiful and functional water features from across the country and even the world,” stated Aquascape founder and CEO, Greg Wittstock. “It is our hope that, through this site, we can create industry standards for water feature pricing and professionalism, which in turn will grow this great hobby.”

Log on to to sign up and take a tour of the newly launched social media site and share it with pond loving friends.