Aquatrols Launches the Water Impact Alliance

Aquatrols, a maker of products that help customers optimize their use of water resources, announced the formation and launch of the Water Impact Alliance (WIA), an organization dedicated to educating and promoting effective communications between regulators, consumers and water users in the green industries.

The WIA will serve as an information and communications planning source for green industry professionals on key issues affecting water resource regulation at the federal, state and local level. The organization will partner with other green industry groups and provide information and unique planning tools to industry professionals, helping them to communicate as effectively as possible with regulators, consumers and other key stakeholders about water stewardship and conservation.

Leaders in the green industry applauded the launch of the Water Impact Alliance, citing it as a much-needed outreach effort to ensure that green industry professionals are heard in the water regulatory debate at the federal, state and local levels. Industry leaders also like that the initiative provides turf and ornamental professionals with methods of engaging consumers at the local level, to help educate the public about the ongoing water conservation practices in the industry. They feel this outreach is crucial given the public’s influence on water regulations.

“The launch of the Water Impact Alliance comes at a crucial time for our industry,” explains Mark Esoda, Certified Golf Course Superintendent (CGCS) at the Atlanta Country Club in Atlanta. “The group gives our industry a way to perform an important public service, as well as an excellent platform for making our voices heard in the regulatory debate.”

“We can continue to generate positive awareness and visibly demonstrate how Georgia Golf and other industry partners are committed to sound environmental and water stewardship.”

Esoda is a 22-year member of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) and a 26-year member of the Georgia Golf Course Superintendents Association. Along with the Georgia Allied Golf Council Water Task Force, he has been a long-time advocate of wise water management and public outreach in the green industries.

The Water Impact Alliance was formed in part as an industry response to increasing water regulation on the federal, state and local level.

“We realized that the turf and ornamental industry has a tremendous amount of knowledge about wise water management,” said Kathy Conard, marketing manager for Aquatrols. “It’s not enough to craft and adopt Best Management Practices – we need to communicate that to consumers and other key stakeholders, so they get the true picture of our industry’s hard work in this area. The Georgia Golf Course Superintendents Association, a key member organization of the water task force in Georgia, has become a pioneer in water management, according to state regulators. We need to communicate that story to the broader audience.”

The Water Impact Alliance works with turf and ornamental professionals on the local level, identifying and analyzing water regulatory issues. The organization helps evaluate the needs of its partner groups and provides counsel and planning tools. “We encourage green industry professionals to be proactive and get involved early on, at the local level,” said Conard. “Being part of the debate before new regulations are created is essential to influencing that process.”

For more information on the Water Impact Alliance, contact Conard at 800-257-7797 or