Arborjet acquires majority interest in Ecologel Solutions

Arborjet has acquired a majority interest in Ecologel Solutions, LLC. Located in Ocala, Fla, Ecologel is a developer and manufacturer of innovative products for water conservation, dust mitigation, plant nutrition, pond and lake management, and anti-fungal coatings.

Ecologel’s portfolio features a broad range of environmentally friendly products serving multiple markets such as landscape and ornamental, golf and sports turf, nursery and agriculture as well as several special application verticals. Ecologel’s flagship technology, Hydretain, is a premier soil moisture management product that reduces water usage up to 50% or more while improving plant quality and increasing the uptake of essential nutrients. Ecologel products will continue to be available through their existing distribution partners with additional support from the Arborjet team.

“Ecologel’s products broaden and strengthen Arborjet’s existing catalog of unique offerings that provide environmentally responsible solutions to serious issues,” said Russ Davis, President and Chief Operating Officer of Arborjet. “We are eager to explore how Ecologel and Arborjet technologies can benefit each other, and we are particularly excited to expand Hydretain’s reach into to the horticultural and agriculture industries to reduce water usage around the world.”

Hydretain is a proprietary blend of hygroscopic humectant compounds that attracts moisture vapor from the air within the soil matrix, acting like tiny water magnets. This vapor would otherwise be unusable by plants and eventually lost to evaporation. Available in both liquid and granular forms, this revolutionary chemistry aggregates soil moisture back into a liquid form, efficiently transferring it to plant roots. Through this simple mechanism, Hydretain not only helps keep plants clear of daily wilt cycles and drought, but also contributes to more complete usage of water applied by rainfall and irrigation. This all translates into water conservation, reduced costs and labor and healthier, more vigorous greenery.

Other Ecologel products include GelTrak for surface dust control on dirt and gravel roadways; BioPro for advanced fertilization of golf courses, sports turf, landscape and other ornamental areas; CytoGro for stimulating root growth and increasing turf strength against stress; Aqua-T for environmentally conscious pond management; and FungiShield for treatment against mold, mildew, fungus and algae on most surfaces.

“We are proud to partner with the Arborjet team,” said Rick Irwin, President of Ecologel Solutions, LLC. “Through our history with Arborjet, we’ve observed a number of parallels in our business strategy, philosophies and markets. Arborjet brings strong sales, marketing, research and management teams to support Ecologel and our exceptional product line. We are excited to work with Arborjet and look forward to expanding the promotion of our products domestically while further developing international markets for both Ecologel and Arborjet’s unique technologies.”