Hydretain Advantage Program

Arborjet | Ecologel launch program to combat summer stress

Aborjet | Ecologel launched the new Hydretain Advantage Program. Hydretain, one of the company’s flagship brands, is a soil moisture management technology, designed to drastically reduce watering requirements of turfgrasses, trees, shrubs, flowers, indoor and outdoor plants and agriculture. Major university studies and greencare professionals from around the world tout the benefits of Hydretain and its unique ability to reduce watering requirements by as much as 50 percent or more.

The Advantage Program, which aligns with the initiatives of Smart

 Irrigation Month, provides a unique opportunity for lawn care operators (LCOs) to grow their business while helping their customers combat dry spots, wilt, drought and watering restrictions, particularly during the driest months of the year. 

Originally launched in 2011, The Hydretain Advantage Program was developed to provide free marketing support to lawn care operators. The mission is to help LCOs offer Hydretain services without having to spend time and money developing their own individualized sales and marketing materials. Upgrading the program largely provides a more robust media library to support overall digital marketing and communications to help service providers.

“The more an applicator knows about our products, the more comfortable they will feel in offering the service,” said Ecologel Director of Marketing, Sarah Spatola. “Education and agronomic support have always been a key component to the program, but in this COVID era, we’re transitioning to include more opportunities to learn via live and pre-recorded webinars. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a significant shift in the way our customers communicate with their customers and we wanted the program to support the need for increased digital content and messaging.”

In addition to increasing their digital marketing support, Arborjet | Ecologel upgraded the Hydretain Advantage Program to include a user-friendly account management system, as well as a point-based reward system. 

About Arborjet | Ecologel:


As developers and manufacturers of innovative products and solutions Arborjet | Ecologel formed a natural partnership to expand the markets they serve. Together, they continue their mission of providing environmentally friendly solutions to serious issues from controlling invasive species to water conservation.