ArborSystems introduced its new no-drill Quick-Connect Direct-Inject QC Tree Treatment System – an easy, fast, and tree-friendly way to treat almost any tree in five minutes or less. This simple trunk-injection application process does not require drilling, and there is no waiting for chemical uptake or guarding of capsules.

“Direct-Inject QC system is the only trunk injection method that does not involve drilling holes in trees as part of the application process,” said Chip Doolittle, president of ArborSystems. “It protects the tree’s health and prevents long-term wounding. Drilled injection holes compartmentalize, permanently damaging a tree’s ability to move nutrients. Repeated drilling can seriously harm a tree’s health. With the Direct-Inject method, multiple and annual treatments can be made without injuring the tree.”

ArborSystems introduced the original no-drill Wedgle Direct-Inject system in the mid-1990s and has made numerous improvements in developing the upgraded Direct-Inject QC system.

No pumps or power are needed with the Direct-Inject application method. Simply squeeze the handles on the Direct-Inject unit and chemical is injected directly into the inner, active layers of the tree’s cambial zone where it can most efficiently be used by the tree. This means less chemical is required to achieve control. And unlike spraying or soil drenching, Direct-Inject is a closed system, so exposure concerns are eliminated.

The Direct-Inject unit is preset to deliver a precise 1ml dose and can be adjusted to deliver a .5ml dose. Direct-Inject Chemical Packs are available for most ArborSystems chemicals in 120ml and 1,000ml chemical packs that snap onto the injector quickly. Up tot 1,000 injections can be made non-stop when using ArborSystems new High-Volume Kit and 1,000ml Chemical Packs.

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