Armada® 50 WP fungicide recently received registration for use in California, announced Bayer Environmental Science. The fungicide, specifically developed for use in lawn care, has been widely used by lawn care operators in other areas of the country.

“Armada was developed specifically for the lawn care professional and is a great fit for California,” said Jimmy Johnson, fungicide business manager, Bayer Environmental Science. “Armada is an excellent broad spectrum fungicide for both turf and ornamental applications.”

Armada controls diseases such as brown patch, dollar spot, and summer patch in lawns, as well as controlling tough diseases like black spot, leaf spot and scab on ornamentals ranging from flowering plants and shrubs to shade trees. The residual activity from Armada can minimize the number of applications needed as compared to other products, making it a better fit for scheduling applications. 

Armada is registered for use by licensed commercial lawn care operators on residential and commercial turf, as well as on sod farms.

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