ArmorTech ALT 70 fungicide, one of several core fungicides in the expanding ArmorTech line of turf protection products from United Turf Alliance, will now be available in an enhanced formulation. For added convenience, the fungicide will be marketed in unique waterproof packaging.

Labeled to control Pythium, Phytophthora and anthracnose, ALT 70 fungicide is beneficial in summer stress and summer decline management programs. It contains the active ingredient aluminum tris (O-ethyl phosphonate), a true systemic fungicide with the ability to travel both up and down within the turfgrass plant. The active ingredient has exhibited no resistance problems in more than 20 years of use and, for maximum flexibility and convenience, ALT 70 fungicide can be tank mixed with most other fungicides.

“ALT 70 is a great product with the power to enhance the turf’s ability to withstand stress factors and fight off disease,” United Turf Alliance President Tim Zech said. “Our new formulation will broaden its appeal to golf course superintendents as an integral tool for disease prevention, with regular use resulting in significantly improved turf quality.”

Incorporated in 2005, United Turf Alliance markets post-patent and leading edge turf protection technologies under the ArmorTech brand name. The alliance directs its efforts toward discriminating golf course superintendents and other professional turf managers who value relationships based on industry and product knowledge.