Artillian Iron Fist grapple

Artillian Iron Fist grapple

Artillian Tractor, a division of Curtis Industries, announced the release of its newest innovation, a new generation of grapple, the “Iron Fist” Grapple, featuring patent pending Variable Grip technology.

The Variable Grip technology enables the Iron Fist grapple jaws to spread wide open and then grasp payloads with a tight “Fist Like” function.

“The Iron Fist is designed to outperform root-rake/clamshell-style and traditional grapple designs by offering a grapple capable of opening to 51 inches and closing to less than 6 inches,” said John Davis, VP of sales for Artillian. “The Iron Fist functions similar to your hand making a tight fist while clenching.”

This unique design approach allows the Iron Fist Grapple to handle large and small loads with ease, compared to other grapple designs. The Iron Fist’s mechanical linkages collapse the upper jaw during closing so objects of varying sizes can be pulled into the jaws and gripped firmly, just like a fist.

Like the original Artillian grapple, the Iron Fist grapple is designed for durability and made primarily of 3/8-inch-thick AR400 steel. The Iron Fist grapple works with the Artillian fork frame, offering modular configuration to best suit customer needs. Artillian grapples are engineered for use with compact and sub-compact tractors, offering best-in-class strength and lightweight design.