The Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA) has collaborated with Josh Ferguson, an attorney with Philadelphia-based Kent/McBride P.C., to offer standard contracts and sub-contracts at a discounted cost to members. These template-style contracts include language to protect snow and ice management contractors both before and during litigation.  In addition to the template contracts, alternative scope of work and indemnification language will be provided.

Attorney Ferguson works primarily in the areas of commercial premises, motor vehicle, contract, and construction defect litigation, and has litigated cases throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He has also been retained as general counsel for a wide variety of businesses, including but not limited to those in the snow removal and landscaping industries. As a result of his experience he has created thorough contracts that will help protect your business and also potentially reduce your insurance premium.

The new standard contract or sub-contract is available for $500, or both contracts are available for $750.  As these contracts are templates it is recommended that contractors have all contracts reviewed by their attorneys to ensure compliance with state and local laws and ordinances.  Attorney Ferguson’s general counsel services will be offered to ASCA members at $150/hour, a significant rate reduction.  If you have further questions, please contact Ferguson at

The arrangement is just another asset available to ASCA members that not only strengthens their business operations, but also helps curb frivolous slip-and-fall claims, Gilbride says.

“Frivolous slip-and-fall claims have led to not only skyrocketing insurance costs, but has forced insurance providers from the market, all of which negatively impacts the ability of snow and ice management contractors to provide a vital winter service,” he says. “Strengthening winter service contracts with accurate and appropriate language is just another weapon our industry has to fight these often bogus claims.”