ASLA elevates 22 members to the Council of Fellows

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) has elevated 22 members as ASLA Fellows for their exceptional contributions to the landscape architecture profession and society at large. Election to the ASLA Council of Fellows is among the highest honors the ASLA bestows on members and is based on their works, leadership, management, knowledge, and service.

ASLA will formally recognize its 2019 Fellows at the ASLA 2019 Conference on Landscape Architecture, November 15-18, San Diego. Additional information about the 2019 Class of Fellows, as well as previous ASLA Fellows, is available on the ASLA Council of Fellows webpage.


ASLA’s 2019 Class of Fellows:

Diane Jones Allen, ASLA

Michael L. Boland, ASLA

Michael Boucher, ASLA


Hallie Boyce, ASLA

Mark Brands, ASLA

Kevin W. Burke, ASLA

Glen Dake, ASLA

Lisa Delplace, ASLA

Andrew Fox, ASLA

Robert J. Gibbs, ASLA

Robert E. Grese, ASLA

Robert Hewitt, ASLA

David D. Jung, ASLA

Mike E. Lanaux, Jr., ASLA

Ming-Han Li, ASLA

Brice Maryman, ASLA

Mimi McKay, ASLA

Allyson Mendenhall, ASLA

Kate Orff, ASLA

Cheri Ruane, ASLA

Brian Sawyer, ASLA

Jason G. Wilke, ASLA