Atlantic Irrigation now distributes the IrriGreen Genius irrigation system

Atlantic Irrigation Specialties, Inc. and IrriGreen, Inc. announced that Atlantic now distributes the IrriGreen Genius irrigation system to professional contractors. Atlantic Irrigation is the East Coast’s premier irrigation and landscape products distributorship with 32 locations from Eastern Canada to Georgia. IrriGreen designs and manufactures advanced, digital technology for lawn irrigation that saves installation labor for contractors and saves water for property owners.

“The contractors we serve are challenged to use both labor and water more efficiently and effectively. We seek out manufacturers who invest in the development and production of cutting edge technologies that help contractors tackle these problems,” said Edward Santalone, president, Atlantic Irrigation Specialties, Inc. “The IrriGreen system installs with fewer sprinkler heads and less pipe to save labor and sprays with accuracy to save water.”

“The irrigation professionals on Atlantic Irrigation’s sales team are among the best in the business,” said Bobby Jensen, sales director, IrriGreen, Inc. “They help contractors achieve success by supporting projects all the way from planning to specification to installation to final inspection.”

The IrriGreen Genius irrigation system is the most original innovation in lawn irrigation technology in more than 40 years. IrriGreen adapted digital control technology and nozzle design from high-tech, commercial inkjet printers. Like a printer spraying ink in controlled patterns on a page, IrriGreen Genius® Sprinklers “print” water in precise patterns that match the exact shape of any lawn. Eliminating inefficient overlapping sprays and preventing wasteful over-spraying onto hardscapes, IrriGreen keeps grass green while reducing water use as much as 50 percent.

Instead of rows of four to eight sprinkler heads positioned all around the perimeter of each irrigation zone, and all connected to the mainline with lateral lines, IrriGreen waters from the inside-out with just one head in the middle of each zone and no lateral lines. Requiring fewer heads and less pipe than conventional irrigation systems, IrriGreen generally installs in half to one-third the time.

Using the Genius Mobile App on their Smartphones, installers configure irrigation zones and set the sprinkler heads all in one step The IrriGreen software automatically calculates spray distances, sets the mapping points, and sends the data via Wi-Fi to the IrriGreen Genius Server. The system continuously computes stream volumes, directions and distances for each sprinkler head, adjusting them hundreds of times per rotation. The IrriGreen Controller then digitally controls the multi-volume watering patterns to follow the outline of the lawn — conforming to every curve and corner.