B3C Fuel Solutions, LLC, a manufacturer of environmentally friendly products and solutions for ethanol- and bio-fuel-related problems, announced its new Ethanol Shield 2-cycle oil. This ultra-synthetic blend 2-in-1 formula is a premium-quality 2-cycle oil with all the benefits of the Ethanol Shield Fuel Stabilizer. This OEM-tested, verified and approved 2-cycle oil provides customer convenience and savings with its new 2-in-1 formulation.

Two-cycle oil is a must when running fuel in 2-cycle equipment. Unfortunately, standard 2-cycle oils come with a set of problems. First, all fuel containing ethanol contains water bound to the ethanol. Ethanol is also hygroscopic, and continues to attract unbound water (e.g. in fuel, atmosphere). Phase separation is the point this ethanol/water mixture reaches saturation and “falls out,” settling on the bottom of a tank. This leads to issues like corrosion, varnish, rust, brittle rubber/plastics, and more. Oil and water do not mix, so when 2-cycle oil is added to fuel, it weakens the ethanol/water/gasoline bond, accelerating phase separation. Second, 2-cycle oils contain detergents that are not miscible with ethanol (not capable of mixing), leading to excess deposits, adding to fuel problems and engine issues.

Ethanol Shield 2-cycle oil is the “bridge” that bonds fuel, ethanol and water, preventing phase separation and the associated problems. This 1-gallon, 50:1 mix ensures maximum protection for any 2-cycle engine, including those found on string trimmers, blowers, snowmobiles, chain saws, and more. Ethanol Shield 2-cycle oil provides 2 products at a cost comparable to “average” 2-cycle oils with the convenience and ease of use (no measuring, no need to add additional additives).

Key benefits

Protects and prevents repairs; extends engine life
Stabilizes fuel up to 1 year
Protects against all ethanol issues
Triple antioxidants stop fuel decay
Rust and corrosion inhibitors
Bonds 2-cycle oil to fuel; stops lean seizures
Reduces lacquer and varnish buildup
Protects against ring wear and sticking
Conditions rubber and plastic
Low-smoke formula
Top-tier detergent
Customer convenience and savings

“B3C Fuel Solutions is excited to offer power equipment users the added convenience and savings our new 2-in-1 formula 2-cycle oil provides,” said Brian O’Neil, chief business development officer, B3C Fuel Solutions. “Not only is this a superior synthetic blend 2-cycle oil, it also provides all the tangible benefits and engine protection our Ethanol Shield Fuel Stabilizer offers, in the same bottle.”