For stump grinding professionals who prefer the simplicity of towable stump grinders but are tired of constant belt adjustments and maintenance, Bandit Industries presents the Model 2600 and Model 2700 towable stump grinders.

These machines combine aggressive horsepower in compact, lightweight designs that makes stump grinding as easy as driving to the jobsite. Available with numerous options and reliable, beltless hydrostatic drive, the Model 2600 and Model 2700 (pictured) each are exceptional performers for rental companies, municipalities, and stump grinding professionals.

“The Model 2600 and Model 2700 towable stump grinders are very easy to tow, and their simplicity is still very popular with many of our customers,” said Christopher Smith, marketing and communications director for Bandit Industries. “The wide swing arc and adjustable tongues really help these machines to grind even large stumps without needing to reposition the whole unit. And the hydrostatic drive is definitely a big plus when it comes to lowering maintenance costs.”

With hydrostatic direct-drive there are no belts, jackshafts, bearings or associated parts to maintain, making the operation and maintenance of these machines extremely simple. Power application with hydrostatic direct-drive is typically much smoother than traditional belt driven stump grinders, making the Model 2600 and Model 2700 a breeze to operate from swing-out control panels or optional radio remotes.

The Model 2600 features a 61-horsepower diesel engine, and the Model 2700 features a 97- or 115-horsepower diesel engine.

Both machines ride on a rugged Torflex axle and go after stumps with swing arcs greater than five feet. Both come standard with the Revolution cutter wheel, and both feature telescoping tongues to help fine-tune their position at the stump.

Bandit Industries is a global manufacturer of wood processing machinery, ranging from industrial-grade hand-fed and whole tree wood chippers, horizontal grinders, stump grinders, forestry mowers and other specialty processing equipment. All equipment is manufactured by specialized teams at the company’s headquarters near Mount Pleasant, Michigan.