New machines and equipment updates from Bandit Industries are further expanding the company's presence in the hand-fed wood chipper and stump grinder markets.

Bandit Industries announces new equipment, new options, and new hybrid technology

New machines and equipment updates from Bandit Industries are further expanding the company’s presence in the hand-fed wood chipper and stump grinder markets. Initially revealed to Bandit dealers at the company’s triennial dealer meeting in August, the announcements include a new 7-inch capacity disc chipper currently available for order, several updates and new options for select hand-fed chippers and stump grinders, and a forthcoming series of screen chippers specifically designed for biomass applications. In addition, the company is introducing patent-pending hybrid technology installed on a pair of prototype machines that can deliver unparalleled combinations of performance and fuel efficiency for chippers and horizontal grinders.

“We have continually raised the bar for manufacturers serving the tree care industry,” said Bandit Industries President Jerry Morey. “We listen to our dealers, we listen to our customers, and then we build the machines they ask for. Companies continue to struggle with high fuel prices and are actively searching for ways to stretch every dollar they make. Our new designs will help make that happen.”


NEW—Model 75XP Hand-Fed Disc-Style Chipper

Similar in stature to the popular Model 65XP, the Model 75XP offers a slightly larger 7-inch capacity but wields larger knives and chipper bearings. The bearings are also located on the back side of the disc, allowing the feed wheel to operate closer to the disc for more efficient chipping. Engine options up to 44 horsepower are offered, making this compact machine extremely capable for brush and small trees. The Model 75XP is perfect for rental companies and tree services requiring big production from a small machine, and it’s available now.


UPDATE—Model 1590XP Hand-Fed Drum-Style Chipper

Bandit’s most popular hand-fed drum chipper can now be optioned with wider horizontal feed wheels, measuring 25 inches versus the standard 20-inch wide wheels. This new option allows the 1590XP to more aggressively crush and compress limby material, reducing the amount of trim work required on larger material entering the chipper. In addition, the Model 1590XP now offers engines up to 180 horsepower, further enhancing the capability of this machine. These new options combined with the 1590’s throat opening of 19.75 by 20.5 inches allow it to easily outperform every other chipper in its class, delivering production more in line with much larger units while retaining the maneuverability and fuel efficiency of a mid-size chipper.


UPDATE—Model 490XP Drop-Feed Drum-Style Chipper

Two new versions of Bandit’s smallest chipper make it a big asset for rental stores, farms, orchards, or other applications where a versatile, lightweight, extremely mobile chipper is needed for brush trimmings and small trees. Introduced last year as a PTO-mount or manual-push unit, this 4-inch capacity chipper is now available as a self-propelled machine that utilizes a drive motor to power a pair of all-terrain tires. A skid-steer mount version of the 490XP is also under development, powered by the skid steer’s hydraulics. Regardless of the specific design, all Model 490XPs are inexpensive to own, easy to operate and simple to maintain.


UPDATE—Grapple Options for Loader-Equipped Hand-Fed Chippers

Enhanced brush grapples are now available on larger hand-fed chippers optioned with a built-in loader. The grapple is specifically designed to grab and crush brush and limby material, and the loader designs are particularly useful in urban situations where space is limited. Loader options are available for the Model 1890XP and Model 1990XP and are a popular option for tree services consistently dealing with large or limby material.


UPDATE—Stump Grinder Cutting Wheels

Sandvik stump grinder wheels and teeth are now available as options on Bandit’s comprehensive line of handlebar, self-propelled and track stump grinders. These durable components will give additional grinding choices to Bandit customers while delivering the same level of reliability and production expected from Bandit stump grinders.


COMING SOON—Bandit SVC “Screen Vacuum Chipper”

The Bandit SVC is a very different type of drum-style chipper designed for global biomass markets, where specifically sized wood chips are often required. To accomplish this, the Bandit SVC uses a screen in the drum housing that only allows material to exit once it has been chipped to the desired size. The screen is easily accessible and a variety of screen sizes are offered, allowing the SVC to serve the needs of virtually any end user. It also features a unique top-load discharge chute that sends chips up and over to forcibly load open-top trailers, and it utilizes a vacuum to maximize the flow rate of material going through the chipper and out the chute. The SVC will be available as a series of machines with different engine options and varying capacities, depending on the material being processed. Production for the SVC series of screen chippers is expected to begin next year.


COMING SOON—Hybrid Technology for Chippers and Horizontal Grinders

This technology uses off-the-shelf components to capture and store energy from chippers or horizontal grinders that are running but not processing material. That energy can then be returned to the cutting head to supplement engine horsepower, all without using an abundance of batteries or complex electrical components normally associated with hybrid systems. Depending on the configuration, this technology can potentially double the machine’s available processing power, allowing companies and tree services to run smaller, more efficient engines without sacrificing processing power or production speed. The system can be used with gasoline, diesel or electric motors; two prototype hybrid machines were introduced to dealers at Bandit’s 2011 dealer meeting—a Model 1680 Electric Beast horizontal grinder and a Model 65XP gas-powered disc chipper. Trial testing is underway with the technology expected to be available in the near future.