Bandit Industries announces the new Bandit ArborVAC

Fall cleanup is a breeze with the all-new Bandit ArborVAC — a heavy-duty yard vacuum that isn’t just a vacuum. Bandit’s expertise as a world-leading manufacturer of wood chippers is seen in the Bandit ArborVAC, as it’s also a blower and compact processing machine that pulls in debris ranging from leaves to wood chips and stump grinding mulch, chops it, and sends it out the directional chute with all the force people expect from a Bandit. Don’t have a chip van? A discharge tube is also available, allowing the processed material to be deposited wherever it’s needed.

The Bandit ArborVAC is the ideal machine for rental companies, as it is compact, easy to operate, low on maintenance and big on production. It’s available with gas engines from 14 to 27 horsepower, it’s highly mobile and easily towable, and it’s virtually impossible to plug. It’s also a great companion for tree service companies and landscapers, as this lightweight machine can significantly reduce clean-up time from trimming, chipping and stump grinding projects.

The Bandit ArborVAC is very versatile in what it can do. It has no trouble picking up wood chips and twigs, and for fall cleanup projects the Bandit ArborVAC is an outstanding machine for removing piles of leaves, wet or dry. Used as a leaf blower, the Bandit ArborVAC can move considerably more debris as compared to typical industrial backpack blowers. Equipped with the discharge tube, it can also be used to conveniently pull in and distribute mulch for specialty landscaping projects. Regardless of the application, the ArborVAC’s large intake tube is easy to handle, and the simple, durable design means it will continue to work hard year after year.

The Bandit ArborVAC’s simple, low-maintenance design and affordable price tag make it a profitable addition to any fleet, and it’s now available for order. Contact your local Bandit dealer for more information.