Bandit Industries introduced the Model 3090 Track, a self-propelled version of the popular Model 3090 drum-style whole tree chipper. To make the 3090 a mobile chipper, Bandit Industries utilizes a Caterpillar 325EL undercarriage outfitted with either 700mm- or 800mm-wide pads. Fully optioned with a cab and loader, the footprint for the Model 3090 Track is just over 11 pounds per square inch. The Model 3090 Track utilizes a 37-inch-diameter drum with a 30- x 36-inch opening, and features a 4-wheel, diagonal feed system consisting of two 36-inch top-feed wheels set on an angle. Two vertical side-feed wheels surround the standard 30-inch infeed. Power options include Caterpillar, Cummins or John Deere diesel engines, ranging from 535 to 630 horsepower. The 3090 Track can accept material up to 24 inches in diameter, and can produce as much as 80 tons of chips per hour. For more information, visit