Bartlett Tree Experts expands in the Midwest

Demonstrating its commitment to continued expansion in the Midwest, Bartlett Tree Experts has opened offices in Chicago, Illinois and Cleveland, Ohio this year.

Bartlett has been providing tree services in Chicagoland since the 1920s, but recently opened its first office downtown with a location in West Garfield. With this addition, the Company now has four locations serving greater Chicago. In the last ten years the Company has grown substantially in the area, in part thanks to the leadership of Commerical Arborist Representative Erik Grossnickle, a Chicagoland native that has forged invaluable relationships with the Magnificent Mile Association, Lincoln Park and the Chicago Botanic Garden as well as clients including The University of Chicago and Millennium Park. Phil Fitch, a Certified Arborist with over 20 years of experience in arboriculture, has joined Erik in the new location and will focus on serving the tree care needs of Chicago-area homeowners.

Serving Cleveland, a new office in Oakwood Village, Ohio will be the home base for Bartlett’s operations in this market. While Bartlett has been working in Cleveland for a number of years out of its office in nearby Columbus, the added location will now enable the Company to further build visibility and serve a wider client base. Local Manager and Commercial Arborist Representative Eric Brownlee will lead the office along with Certified Arborist Chad Clink. Chad traveled extensively as a tree inventory specialist with Bartlett before settling in Ohio where he worked for the Holden Arboretum near Cleveland. When Bartlett established the Cleveland office, Chad was excited to rejoin the Company to work with Eric in growing the business in this region.

In both metro areas, urban greening has become a priority for many individuals as they become more aware of the benefits and value of trees in the urban landscape.

“People living in both Chicago and Cleveland see the important role trees play in city life and are looking for ways to maintain that urban canopy,” said Scott Jamieson, Vice President and Division Manager of the Midwest region of Bartlett Tree Experts. “Economic growth in these areas has made it an ideal time to expand, providing services that help residents and businesses create greener cities.”

With the increased commercial and residential development in Chicago and Cleveland, soil care and tree preservation will be key services in caring for mature trees in these markets. Inventories will be another area of focus for the Company as it helps commercial sites manage tree care budgets while keeping properties safer. Though the threat of Emerald Ash Borer is now largely gone with so few ash trees remaining in the area, other insect and disease threats will require continued management as the Company cares for urban trees.

“Bartlett discovered the first known case of oak wilt in Chicago last year, which we expect to spread throughout Illinois and Ohio.” commented Jamieson. “Bur oak blight is another new disease impacting oaks. Managing issues like these will be critical in helping to preserve trees and prevent widespread loss as we have seen in the case of our region’s ash trees.”