Bartlett Tree Experts North American expansion

With the completion of eight acquisitions in the last six months, Bartlett Tree Experts continues to expand its footprint across North America. The company now has more than 140 locations worldwide including new offices in Alberta, Canada; the greater Denver, Colorado area; Northampton, Massachusetts; and Santa Monica, California.

“Growth through acquisition has been a strong path forward for us and enabled us to enter and become established in a number of new geographic regions over the years – the Pacific Northwest and South Florida are two recent examples,” said Jim Ingram, president and COO of Bartlett Tree Experts. “This method has been so successful because we work hard to ensure the companies we acquire are a good fit in terms of scientific approach to tree care, safety culture and customer service.”

The recent acquisitions have spanned North America with four of the eight allowing the company to enter markets it had not previously served.

In Canada, Bartlett has been providing services since 1997, expanding from one office to eight over the course of 22 years. The acquisition of Tree Frog Tree Care in Alberta, Calgary became the eighth location at the end of 2018.

Following the acquisition of Colorado Treescapes in Littleton, Colo., the company is now serving the greater Denver area. With a new foothold in Colorado, the company will look to further expand in the five-state rocky mountain region.

The company has had a presence in Massachusetts since its early years in the 1920s, but the acquisition of C.L. Frank and Company in Northampton, Mass., marks its first location in the western part of the state. The two companies share an interesting history with both playing a role in establishing the International Shade Tree Conference (the predecessor of the International Society of Arboriculture).

In California, the company has also maintained a strong presence for some time, serving homeowners and business on the west coast over 40 years. The acquisition of Mellinger Tree Service in Santa Monica, Calif., is the eighth location in the state.


“Here at Bartlett, we understand that people are our greatest asset and that is no different when people join us through an acquisition,” said Ingram. “A strong relationship with the acquired company from the outset is key. These relationships are what help us provide a seamless transition for everyone involved, from the employees to our clients.”

The remaining four acquisitions bolster the company’s customer base in existing operating areas. These include Clean Cutt Tree Service in Wilmington, Del.; Pavey Tree in Dwight, Ontario; Weise Choice Tree Services in western Conn.; and Connecticut Arborists in Monroe, Conn.