Baseline BaseStation 1000 and 3200 controllers

For more advanced controller needs of large properties, HOAs, complexes and parks, Baseline’s smart controllers and soil moisture sensors are becoming a top choice.

Baseline’s BaseStation 1000 and 3200 controllers gather soil moisture readings directly from on-site sensors, rather than using off-site weather stations or historic data to estimate water needs, saving water by providing scheduling based on moisture levels in the soil.

The system can be set to run when the soil has dried out to a low level, which helps conserve water and optimizes the plants’ water-use efficiency. For areas with restricted watering days or specific use schedules such as sports fields, the system can be set to turn on at a specific day/time, and automatically turn off when the upper soil moisture level is reached.

The BaseStation controllers support 50 to 200 zones, depending on the model, and offers mobile-control access, two-wire or conventional wire compatibility, the ability to manage and monitor flow, among other useful features for water managers.