Bee Valve manifold ball valve system

Bee Valve Inc. offers a manifold ball valve system that provides quick and easy assembly, eliminating pipe tape and sealant. Valves and fittings are manufactured from glass-reinforced polypropylene for strength and durability, and will not rust or corrode. The manifold ball valves are offered in three full-port sizes, 1 inch, 2 inch and 3 inch. The self-aligning ball rotates freely against Teflon seats, and the body-to-flange design allows for low-torque on/off operations. The ball valves come standard with EPDM O-rings and Viton O-ring stem seal. The clamp connection system provides easy on/off connections, 360-degree orientation and positive seals. The system includes 12 different fitting configurations, including tees, crosses, elbows and couplings. Connections are made with stainless-steel worm gear flange-fitting clamps.

Bee Valve Inc. is a manufacturer of low-pressure fluid control and handling products, and offers a complete line of ball valves, couplers, adapters and fittings; as well as gaskets, clamps, gauges and sealants.