Belgard Hardscapes announced the national release of the Anglia Edger.

Belgard Hardscapes announces national release of Anglia Edger

Belgard Hardscapes announced the national release of the Anglia Edger. Anglia was released regionally in the Northeast, Mid-West, and West Coast regions in 2011 to provide a more cost-effective and decorative option for edging paver surfaces.

“Garden wall units and bullnose type concrete edging have long been a standard way to edge a paver field, but now, homeowners are trending towards a more modern, manicured look,” explains Len Browning, Hardscape Technical Advisor for Belgard. “Our Anglia Edger is eight inches high, which allows it to be installed on the same base as the pavers to easily form a clean, raised edge to achieve a modern style.”

Designed for edging driveways, patios, walkways and creating small planter walls, Anglia Edger offers the look of natural stone without the cost. Anglia features a chiseled finish that emulates hand-hewn stone and is tumbled to look distressed. Available in a variety of color choices and a number of different lengths for flexibility of design, the Anglia Edger is beveled on the ends to allow for creating both curves and angles.

The larger scale of the Anglia Edger makes it an attractive and cost-effective alternative to mortar-set granite and other natural stone edging because there are fewer pieces to install and fewer joints. Anglia can also be used to create natural-form steps because of its height and thickness.