Belgard introduces new Collections by Belgard for reimagined outdoor design

Belgard is unveiling Collections by Belgard, launching for this year’s building season with nationwide rollout to follow. Collections offers outdoor designers, contractors and homeowners a way to reimagine an outdoor space by combining complementary product offerings that pair with a home’s style or design aesthetic.

“With a variety of aesthetics, Collections by Belgard elevates outdoor living and makes great design achievable for any home,” said Amiel Ingraham, Belgard product manager for residential hardscapes. “It’s important that we ease the design and build process for outdoor projects of any style for the contractor, homeowner and dealer alike. By organizing products by textures and colors, Collections turns superior design into a simple process – letting outdoor beauty remain in focus.”

Collections by Belgard features six unique looks, which relate to architecture trends and styles across North America, including:

  • Legacy – Perfect for evoking old-world charm or providing a heritage accent, the Legacy Collection features the traditional aesthetic and classic spirit of Belgard. Look here for border inspiration, accents and all the details that turn any space into a unique space.
  • Heritage – Where traditional style meets modern convenience, the Heritage Collection allows for a time-worn aesthetic without the wait. Antiqued and tumbled so that every piece is unique, this collection adds charm and warmth to neutral palettes.
  • Natural – The Natural Collection embraces the casual spirit of life without borders, featuring clean lines with organic warmth. With laid-back, design forward products this collection is perfect for combining old and new, living in harmony with its natural surroundings.
  • Metropolitan – Strong lines paired with smooth textures give the Metropolitan Collection a bold, modern look. This streamlined, contemporary aesthetic emphasizes natural light and neutral tones with wood accents to give a modern flair that is cozy, not cold.
  • Porcelain – Versatile and ultra-contemporary, the Porcelain Collection is stunning with a streamlined, upscale appearance and superior performance. Compact, resistant and virtually non-porous this collection provides a modern aesthetic best complemented by blacks, whites and other pale neutrals.
  • Environmental – A true marriage of form and function, the Environmental Collection ensures that homeowners can be water wise and house proud. Classic lines and smooth finishes complement the traditional and the modern, providing a stunning solution to standing water and irrigation needs.


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