Belgard Rooms AR

Belgard launches augmented reality feature within Belgard Rooms Planner

Belgard launched the newest feature of its Belgard Rooms Planner: augmented reality (AR). Within, homeowners can select augmented reality plans and drop them into their own outdoor space to view, walk through and scale templated outdoor rooms, bringing them to life in their own backyards.

Currently, 25 AR Rooms can be viewed on any device and launched into an outdoor space, allowing the homeowner to spin, move, scale and even walk through the templated outdoor room. This allows homeowners to explore and test a variety of Rooms, features and styles in their own outdoor spaces, streamlining the discovery and selection process for outdoor living projects with contractors. Using the latest in AR technology, Belgard Rooms glues the room plan to the ground through the device view, ensuring homeowners get an accurate representation of the space and a smooth experience.

“We launched Belgard Rooms in 2021, delivering templated outdoor design plans for contractors and consumers alike,” said Joe Raboine, director of residential hardscapes, Belgard. “Both homeowners and our professionals have adopted the technology quickly, enjoying the interactive experience of pairing hardscaping products with the style of their home. We are incredibly proud of AR Rooms as the next iteration of Belgard Rooms. This technology gets homeowners even closer to seeing and trying out different outdoor living plans and simplifies the design process for an outdoor living project.”

Belgard is launching AR Rooms with 25 outdoor room plans, and an additional 25 Rooms launching this summer. In addition to showcasing Belgard’s hardscape products, Belgard Rooms includes furniture, plants and more to provide a complete look at what a realistic outdoor room would be like in the space. The AR feature of Belgard Rooms launched at the Philly Flower Show 2022 and was met with positive reviews and feedback from gardening and outdoor living enthusiasts. For more information and to try Belgard’s AR Rooms feature, visit