Billy Goat introduced the new family of Force II blowers, the DL Series of Debris Loaders, and a new Self-propelled Over Seeder (pictured).

Billy Goat announces several new products

Billy Goat introduced the new family of Force II blowers. For residential clean up, the Small Force costs little more than a backpack, but is 2.5 times more powerful. The distinct black intake housing is the heart of the Force II – a new single shot, closed-face fan. With 16 blades, the Billy Goat Force II has more than twice the blades of most competitors. Surrounding the fan is a smooth rounded housing which eliminates air voids, reduces noise, increases output, won’t rust or dent and is up to 30 percent lighter than stamped metal housings. Billy Goat has even made the unit 9 pounds lighter than before. To increase productivity, the Force II now features a self-propelled option.

Billy Goat’s DL Series of Debris Loaders feature CustomFit options to allow contractors to build a machine that’s just right for the job. The DL features an exclusive dual shredding system with Piranha blade for greater debris reduction and improved truck loading. The result is improved productivity and savings by completing more jobs between dump runs and fees. The unit has a replaceable steel housing liner, rotational discharge, and a heavy-duty clear urethane helical intake hose with user-friendly handles and hose connection for improved hose management and maneuverability. The unit can be skid mounted as standard or optional tailgate mounts or a swing away truck hitch is sold separate.

Billy Goat’s new Self-propelled Over Seeder reduces fatigue associated with pushing, and features intuitive forward and reverse operator controls. The unit is 22 inches wide with an exclusive 11-blade slicing reel that floats along contours of yards increasing seed-to-soil contact and improving germination rates. The unit comes standard with a 30-pound seed box that is generously elevated above the turf to eliminate any clogging that may occur from moisture. Billy Goat’s exclusive Auto Drop system automatically starts and stops seed drop with reel engagement and disengagement conserving seed and prevents “end of run” seed piling. Infinite depth adjustment of the slicer blades promotes longer blade life versus presets and seed settings are found on board for operator convenience.