With ease of use in mind, Billy Goat introduced three innovative products at GIE+EXPO 2011.

Billy Goat unveils easy-to-use products


Billy Goat Z Force blower


Billy Goat overseeder


Billy Goat BC2600 Series brushcutterWith ease of use in mind, Billy Goat introduced three innovative products at GIE+EXPO 2011 — a Z Force blower, a self-propelled overseeder and a hydrostatic brushcutter.

“In everything that we set out to do, whether it be a brand-new product or the re-introduction of an existing product,” said Billy Goat President Will Coates, “ease of use is exceptionally important because you’ve got language barriers, you’ve got people who don’t want to read manuals, you’ve got people who are temporary or seasonal hires. So, the key is for a short-line seasonal product to be able to make sure that the users of your equipment are going to be able to easily understand how to use it and apply it with the minimal amount of training or effort.”

The Z Force blower quickly attaches to any major zero-turn mower via standard heavy-duty JRCO mounting bracket. With a 360-degree-rotational, 4-inch-diameter, rubber discharge, the Z Force blower can divert air in any direction with the tap of a foot on the magnetically mounted pedal, providing rapid fall leaf and sidewalk cleanup. The pivoting throttle control handle pivots toward the operator during operation for easy reach and comfort, and it pivots away from the operator when not in use to provide the operator with easy entry and exit of the mower. Plus, the entire unit pivots up and down on rear quick attach, so the unit floats with terrain changes. Other features include 2 pins, a kickstand and rear-mounted housing handle for quick and easy connect and disconnect; a 13-hp. Honda or Subaru engine with 16-blade composite fan technology for plenty of power and output; heavy-duty caster wheels for stability; and a wrap-around steel safety guard for added protection when working around trees and other objects.

The new self-propelled overseeder reduces fatigue associated with pushing, and it features intuitive forward and reverse operator controls. The unit is 22 inches wide with an exclusive 11-blade slicing reel that floats along the contour of the ground, increasing seed-to-soil contact and improving germination rates. The unit comes standard with a 30-pound seed box that is generously elevated above the turf to eliminate any clogging that may occur from moisture. Billy Goat’s exclusive Auto Drop system automatically starts and stops seed drop with reel engagement and disengagement, conserving seed. Infinite depth adjustment of the slicer blades promotes longer blade life, and seed settings are found on board for operator convenience.

Billy Goat also extended its Outback brushcutter line with a hydrostatic unit with no shifting required. The new BC2600 Series brushcutter comes standard with Tuff Torq hydrostatic transmissions, featuring Enhanced Traction Control (ETC) and pivoting deck with return to neutral. The hydrostatic transaxle with ETC is fully automatic, sensing when the rear wheel starts to spin, locking the wheel, giving it positive forward traction. The BC2600 Series brushcutter offers excellent traction in wet or uneven conditions. Engineered to glide over uneven terrain, the pivoting deck hugs the ground for a better cut. This minimizes scalping and improves traction by keeping the weight of the machine on its drive wheels. Ergonomically angled control handles with padded grips offer comfort and protection. Operators never need to take their hands off the machine to shift gears. They can feather forward and reverse directly from the operator controls.