Black Diamond Coatings introduces Paver PreTreat

Black Diamond Coatings introduced Paver PreTreat, a color-enhancing base coat to treat porous concrete pavers. Paver PreTreat uses advanced color-enhancing nanotechnology to block the pores. Product information is available at

“Many of the new paver designs have more colors and textures, which can be more porous than pavers of years past, requiring more sealer to achieve the necessary protective coat,” said David Warren, president of Black Diamond Coatings.  “We designed the Paver PreTreat as a primer that fills the concrete paver pores and makes it easy to put a coat of any of our color enhancing sealers on top for the look and shine that boosts curb appeal and ease of ongoing maintenance.”

This product is ideal for both new and old pavers. To achieve the optimal seal for paver beautification and protection, apply one coat of Black Diamond Coatings’ color-enhancing Paver PreTreat sealer as a base coat, then a top coat of SG+ (Gloss to Semi-Gloss), LG+ (Semi-Gloss to Low-Gloss), or NG+ (Low-Gloss to No Gloss).