BOB-CAT expands QuickCat line of stand-on mowers

BOB-CAT, a Johnson Creek, Wis.-based manufacturer of commercial-quality turf mowers, announced on May 19 the introduction of an extended deck to the line of QuickCat stand-on mowers.

The QuickCat 61” DuraDeck cutting system features heavy-duty high-lift offset blades, a double wave baffle, and an adjustable position front reinforcing lip for consistent, superior cutting quality. The true floating deck follows ground contours to reduce the chances of scalping and provide an outstanding quality of cut.

“With the addition of the QuickCat 61” deck, you get all the benefits of our other stand-on mowers on a bigger scale,” said Pat Cappucci, president and COO. “It’s the smart choice for commercial operators trying to complete jobs in the most efficient and profitable way possible.”

Other QuickCat comfort and performance features include:

  • 8-mph mowing speed and 10.5-mph transport speed
  • Optimal operator station placement for excellent stability
  • Low placement of the fuel tank to improve balance on uneven ground
  • Extra-large drive tires for a smooth ride and excellent traction
  • Large 6.5-gallon fuel tank for all-day mowing without refueling
  • Compact size for nimble maneuvering in tight spaces and loading onto trailers
  • High ground clearance to safely climb curbs without damaging the mower or deck

For further information on QuickCat and other BOB-CAT models, call (866) 469-1242 or visit