The 2011 line of BOB-CAT mowers, which includes commercial walk-behinds, residential zero-turns, and three levels of commercial zero-turn riding mowers, is all new for 2011 with fuel systems that meet 2011 EPA exhaust and evaporative emission requirements. Compliance aside, beyond the tank, there are many impressive new patent-pending features in the new line that put BOB-CAT in the driver’s seat in mower comfort, stability and productivity.

2011 BOB-CAT mowers clear the air through a newly designed non-permeable tank that eliminates vapor seepage and offers ample vapor space at the cap keeping the cap dry on tilts and slopes. A new fuel cap non-permeable gasket eliminates cap vapor release and a patent pending non-permeable vapor retract line feeds tank vapors back through the carburetor of the engine to be recycled – all without loosing fuel capacity. BOB-CAT, the first commercial mower line to go 2011 engine CARB compliant back in December of 2009, is again, leading the way in full-line EPA fuel exhaust and evaporative compliance for 2011.

Beyond the tank, new features of 2011 BOB-CAT Zero-Turn Riding Mowers enhance comfort, increase productivity, ease maintenance and service, increase stability, improve handling and cut capability, and much more.

Ergonomic comfort is achieved through BOB-CAT’s exclusive ISO-Ride™ Comfort System. The ISO-Ride Comfort System isolates the operator from vibration at all touch points including the hands, feet, and seat. Designed by BOB-CAT, the new best-in-class full back elastomeric fabric suspension driver’s seat supplies excellent contoured upper and lower back support and features a shock absorbent sling plate inside the seat base that absorbs vibration while dual elastomeric radial bearings under the seat eliminate terrain impact for a better feeling, smoother all-day ride. Vibration isolators under the footplate help prevent fatigue and numbness in the feet and legs. Larger motion control levers with thicker hand grips are supported with tension mounts to reduce lost motion and vibration isolators diminish vibration from the unit to the hands and up the arms for steady and smooth, fatigue-free operation. In transport, tension mounts eliminate “arm flapping” of motion control levers, extending lever life.

Quality enhancements include universal control panel positioning so that operators of every size can mow in custom comfort and have controls within easy reach with no operational distraction from the work at hand. A new extra wide discharge opening and oversized discharge chute with fanning groves eliminates clumping of grass clippings and the need to double-cut in thick wet or tall lush grasses. The wider deck discharge works with the high velocity blade tip speed and new patent pending DoubleWave front blade baffle controls provide a powerful, controlled air flow lifting and drying glass blades for a straight cut that when dispersed through the new chute with fanning groves, produces a wide fine clippings discharge.

Productivity enhancements of the line include a lower operator platform for an exceptionally stable center of gravity, improved traction, and unit balance allowing the mowers to hug hills and maintain a consistent cut on slopped terrain without slippage.

All BOB-CAT mowers are designed to be easy to maintain and service with no-hassle, easy to access wear and service points. Enhancements to the 2011 line include a new larger hydraulic tank that requires a lower operating vacuum for better cooling, reduced noise, and improved tank life. New electric clutch drive provides for tool-free belt changes reducing service charges and making it possible to change belts out in the field for less down time. New flat-free caster wheels ride like pneumatic tires and provide worry-free peace of mind on the job while reducing maintenance costs and down time.     

The entire 2011 line of BOB-CAT Mowers are CE Approved and will be in production in December. Look for new 2011 BOB-CAT Mowers in dealerships in early 2011.   



2011 BOB-CAT Mower Model Chart: Engine power rating in Gross HP


Model No.

Engine, Deck & Discharge


Model No.

Engine, Deck & Discharge


Gear Drive, 5 Speed:


ProCat: 12 CC Pumps, 11 MPH


CLASSIC PRO 16HP Kawasaki FS 32″ SD


22HP FX Kawasaki 52″ SD


CLASSIC PRO 16HP Kawasaki FS 36″ SD


26HP FX Kawasaki 52″ SD


CLASSIC PRO 16HP Kawasaki FS 48″ SD


29HP FX Kawasaki 52″ SD


Hydrostatic Drive & Hydro Z-Control:


26HP FX Kawasaki 61″ SD


HYDRO 16HP Kawasaki FS 36″ SD


26HP LC Kawasaki 61″SD


HYDRO 18HP Elec Start Kawasaki FS 36″ SD


29HP FX Kawasaki 61″ SD


HYDRO 18HP Kawasaki FS 48″ SD


29HP FX Kawasaki 61″ RD


HYDRO 18HP Elec Start Kawasaki FS 48″ SD


29HP FX Kawasaki 72″ SD


HYDRO 20HP Kawasaki FS 54″ SD


27HP Kohler Command Pro  61″ SD


HYDRO 20HP Elec Start Kawasaki FS 54″ SD


Predator Pro: 16 CC Pumps, 13 MPH


HYDRO Z-Control 16HP Kawasaki FS 36″ SD


30HP Generac Liquid Propane 61″ SD


HYDRO Z-Control 18HP Kawasaki FS 48″ SD


30HP Generac Liquid Propane 61″ RD


HYDRO Z-Control 20HP Kawasaki FS 54″ SD


30HP Generac Liquid Propane 72″ SD


FastCat RZ & FastCat Pro Models


33HP Generac 61″ SD


RZ 22HP B&S Performer 42″ SD


33HP Generac 72″ SD


RZ 26HP B&S Performer 52″ SD


34HP Kawasaki 61″ SD


RZ 28HP B&S Performer 61″ SD


37HP Kawasaki DFI 61″ SD


Pro 18HP Kawasaki FX 36″ SD


37HP Kawasaki DFI 72″ SD


Pro 20HP Kawasaki FX 42″ SD




Pro 20HP Kawasaki FX 48″ SD




Pro 22HP FX Kawasaki 52″ SD




Pro 61, 23HP B&S Vanguard 61″ SD




Pro 61, 24HP FX Kawasaki 61″ SD




New 2011 BOB-CAT Mower models are in production now and will be in dealerships before spring. To learn more about all of the new features of the 2011 line of BOB-CAT mowers, see product video, and to locate an authorized dealer in your area, visit See the 2011 line in action on YouTube, visit