Bobcat 3-point tillers

A new line of Bobcat 3-point tillers is available for use with compact tractors and Toolcat 5610 utility work machines. Three new models have working widths of 43, 55 and 67 inches, and an adjustable tilling depth up to 5 inches.

Tiller implements for compact tractors and Toolcat machines are gear-driven, allowing them to provide an efficient method to break ground; prepare soil for planting; amend soil with fertilizer, manure or mulch; and remove weeds between tree rows. The tillers are equipped with slip-clutch protection to prevent driveline damage in case the rotor system becomes bound or jammed.

The tines of the tiller rotate in the opposite direction as the tires when the tractor or Toolcat 5610 is moving forward. The reverse action of the rotor brings materials up and over the top of the L-shaped tines providing better soil fluff. With up to 54 blades per tiller, the implements also provide better pulverization of soil. The formed deck sheds water and debris for a cleaner, rust-free surface.

Bobcat 3-point tillers are routinely used in agricultural operations for cattle and crop production applications, as well as construction in excavating, grading and site development. They are equally useful for homeowners with acreage for personal property maintenance, and serve as versatile grounds maintenance tools in rental fleets.


Each new Bobcat tiller is compatible with the following Bobcat tractors and the Toolcat 5610:

Model 3TLR48: CT120*, CT122*, Toolcat 5610

Model 3TLR60: CT120*, CT122*, CT225, CT230, CT235, and Toolcat 5610

Model 3TLR72: CT230*, CT235*, CT335, CT440, CT445, CT450 and Toolcat 5610

*Requires front ballast weights or front-end loader.