BrightView Landscapes accelerates deployment of eco-friendly fleet

BrightView announced the addition of more than 250 hybrid vehicles to its management fleet, as part of its strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. With the introduction of these vehicles, BrightView’s field manager fleet of electric and hybrid cars and trucks will total nearly 700 by the end of 2023.

This newest deployment includes Ford Maverick Hybrids, Honda Accord Hybrids, and Toyota Corolla Hybrids. Earlier this year, BrightView announced the addition of 100 Chevy Bolt EUVs.

“As the commercial landscaping industry leader, we’re continually driving for a greener future,” said Andrew Masterman, BrightView president and CEO. “Whether it’s within our management fleet, production equipment, or service applications, we are committed to pursuing initiatives and implementing programs that minimize our impact on the environment.”

The migration to electric and hybrid vehicles is part of BrightView’s four-year plan for converting its fleet of 3,000 field manager cars and trucks to more sustainable power sources and represents another step toward achieving BrightView’s broader environmental sustainability goal of becoming carbon neutral.