Camb Guards

Camb Guards from Magnetics Plus

Camb Guards from Magnetics Plus, a division of Keslick and Son Modern Arboriculture, are broad, belt-like, flexible, tree-staking devices designed to cause minimal injury to trees when installed correctly. No more plastic chain, nylon straps or wire in a hose. Camb Guards allow the tree to sway naturally. Made from recycled rubber with brass grommets, they are available in three widths: 1.5 inches, 2 inches and 3 inches. They are commercially available, so architects can spec them. They are intended to be installed as low as possible on the trunk, using two placed in opposite directions. They can be removed when no longer needed for the tree’s stability, and should definitely be removed after a maximum of two years. In most cases, they can be reused. Made in the U.S., they are black and are available in any number. For more information, visit