Many equipment owners who recognize the importance of covering their machines with physical damage insurance have chosen Cat Insurance as their carrier. Physical damage insurance covers losses from theft, collision, flood, upset or overturn, fire, vandalism and more, for all machines in the owner’s fleet, regardless of brand. Now, machine owners can use Cat AccessAccount to pay for their insurance renewal to simplify the renewal process and choose payment options.

Cat AccessAccount allows customers to pay for or rent anything offered at any Cat Dealer or The Cat Rental Store in the United States, with the exception of new Cat construction equipment.

Users have the choice of making 10 percent minimum monthly payments and revolving the balance (with the exception of rental charges), or paying the balance in full each month with no interest charges.  From machines and work tools to parts and service, Cat AccessAccount offers a competitive rate of Prime plus 7 percent that permits users to make necessary purchases that give their companies the flexibility to flourish.

Machine owners with Physical Damage Insurance will receive a renewal letter from Cat Insurance 90 days prior to coverage expiration and will be offered the option of renewing through Cat AccessAccount. If the option is chosen, Cat Insurance handles the details.

For more information about Cat Physical Damage Insurance contact a Cat Dealer, visit, e-mail or call 1-800-248-4228, option 2. For more information about Cat AccessAccount, visit or call 1-888-CAT-8811.