Once again, the Irrigation Association (IA) will celebrate Smart Irrigation Month in the month of July to raise awareness about the benefits of using smart irrigation practices.

IA members and industry professionals in every segment of the irrigation community have used Smart Irrigation Month as an opportunity to promote efficient irrigation practices, technologies and methods.

Smart Irrigation Month is an opportunity to let homeowners and consumers know that this industry-wide effort to increase public awareness of water-use efficiency is imperative to the future of our water supply. Irrigation companies and professionals throughout the industry support Smart Irrigation Month by providing real solutions to today’s water challenges and by acting as leaders in water conservation.

By displaying the Smart Irrigation Month logo, IA members are part of an industry-wide effort to promote efficient irrigation. In addition to using the logo, IA members promote efficient water-use by highlighting the latest innovations in irrigation technology. IA certified professionals help homeowners and other water users save water and money by installing systems that best meet clients’ needs.

The Irrigation Association named July Smart Irrigation Month to provide tips about smart practices and new technology. Visit www.smartirrigationmonth.org to learn what you can do in July – and throughout the year – as well as find water saving tips, marketing materials, logos available for download, public service announcements, press releases and other free tools.