Celebrated coach helps landscaping business owners dig their biggest business success

Throughout his years in business, Barry Randall has built a hallmark of not only growing successful companies, but stopping at nothing to help others do the same.

Randall is particularly sought after among owners of landscaping businesses, having spent eight years running his own operation, and now using all he learned to coach fellow owners to replicate his success.

Randall’s new book, “Do The Next Thing Next,” brings all of his wisdom, experience and life lessons into a single volume. 

Imagine waking tomorrow and having the answer to your biggest landscaping business challenges and knowing exactly why you’re spending 15 hours a day at work.

This book has more than 100 bite-size pieces of life-changing advice, specifically for business owners in the landscaping industry.

In, “Do The Next Thing Next,” Randall walks you through how to put all your emotions, doubts and lack of self-belief to one side, grab your business by the scruff of the neck, and have more fun at work – all while going through growing pains.

 Randall’s approach to systems help him run six companies. He has helped many business owners double their prices, turnover and profits – all while slashing their working hours.


Along with his successes in business, he is proud to have helped many business owners become better people, achieve things they thought were only for people luckier than themselves, and find happiness in a business they once considered a ball and chain around their ankles.

This book removes all the noise and confusion involved in business, then focuses on the only three things you need to fix to have a stress-free business and life: Time. Team. Money.

In this book you’ll discover;

  • How to take control of your business once and for all
  • Why your past failures are the key to your future growth
  • Who is responsible for your current lack of success
  • When it’s the right time is to make changes in your business
  • What you should do first before you do anything else

“What most business owners don’t know is there’s a proven roadmap, mostly based on systematizing their business, that already exists – ready for them to put in place,” said Randall. “After they ‘plug into’ this, their business will transform into an evergreen operation and allow them to start working ‘on’ the business, rather than ‘in’ it. This is where real growth happens.”

“Do The Next Thing Next” is now available. For more information, visit http://www.barryrandall.co.uk.