Thanks to Centurion, having sharp tools that cut through branches easily makes pruning a snap.

Centurion loppers

Thanks to Centurion, having sharp tools that cut through branches easily makes pruning a snap.

Garden industry experts Bill Freimuth, Marc Tittel, and Chester Tsai, who together have more than 50 years’ experience in the lawn & garden business and know the tool category inside and out, joined forces in 2008 to design and manufacturer garden tools that do just that: produce more cutting force with less effort at a price within the reach of everyday gardeners.

“Our loppers are stronger, easier to grip, and, with our bright yellow handles, they’re easy to find,” said Centurion president Bill Freimuth. “We offer mini loppers, telescoping handles and ratcheting jaws. Our loppers and pruners are designed to last a lifetime, so your garden will look great year after year.”

By treating the cutting blades with TitaniumNitride, (the same process used on the high-end industrial drill bits), Centurion Titanium tools are designed to stay sharper longer with a corrosion-resistant finish. “Our blades make pruning a snap,” said Freimuth. “Titanium edges can’t be beat when it comes to strength. For clean, fast cuts, our tools do it best and don’t give up in the middle of the job.”

Features include:

Titanium blades for strength and increased wear
Tubular handles and comfort grips keep hands happy
Large capacity cutting – up to 2 inches
Ratcheting style cutters that deliver extra power to tired hands
Light weight and compact models
Telescoping handles for extra reach and leverage
Distinctive bright yellow handles stand out wherever you left them!


Centurion offers a full range of strong, comfortable garden products for both the professional and home gardener. From pruners and loppers to folding trunk-shovels and cultivating tools, these high-tech tools are engineered with state-of-the-art compound mechanics, advanced ergonomic designs and superior strength and long term durability.

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