CitiesAlive call for proposals due February 26

Do not miss out on the opportunity to present at CitiesAlive: 14th Annual Green Roof & Wall Conference, being held in Washington on November 1-4, 2016. This conference is about stormwater management – policies, technologies, design and best management practices.


Topic areas include:

  • How to maximize stormwater retention – technologies and design
  • Policy best management practices – feebates, grant programs, credits, minimum standards, construction standards, maintenance standards,
  • Green roofs and walls as part of an integrated building & site approach to stormwater management – case studies
  • The economics (costs + benefits) of various best management practices for stormwater retention – comparing apples to apples – short and medium term perspectives.
  • Looking beyond stormwater to other tangible benefits and the role of private investment
  • Design and testing methods and measurement tools
  • Stormwater economics – flooding, erosion control, tanks
  • Stormwater as a resource – rainwater harvesting best practices, storage and irrigation system\

Non-stormwater related proposals that highlight the positive impacts of green roofs and living walls are also welcomed.

Submit proposals online at